From schools, to restaurants, to housing, there isn't a part of the Minot community that hasn't been affected by the State's Oil Boom.  The Oil industry has created many opportunities and just as many challenges for the Magic City.  But one Minot group says that's a good thing.

 "Every organization and most businesses are impacted by oil.  We see that in schools, we see that at our airport.  So with these changes it's an opportunity to think about what do we need to do to have theses companies come into our area, but long term what do we need to do to keep them here," said Jerry Chavez, President of the Minot Area Development Corporation.  Businesses, restaurants, apartments, North Dakota's Oil Boom has impacted the Minot community in so many ways.  And the Minot Area Development Corporation believes that is a good thing.

 "Oil does impact a significant part of our economy.  We want to grow that particular industry because people are looking for a good place to live, a good place to work, and Minot helps them in that regard," stated Chavez.  Only seven percent of Minot's workforce is directly employed in the Oil Industry... But the growth in that sector has caused many other areas to increase as well.  The MADC is pushing for community organizations to work together to increase the quality of life.  "Minot can advance its quality of life and ultimately will be a great place for future businesses to conduct their operations from, but more importantly it'll be a place where a stable workforce will come and live and work," Chavez added.

 He says strategic improvements to benefit the community must be a top priority for Minot, "We want to be a community of choice, so that stable workforce comes to our community.  The difference is whether you want to grow your workforce from a transitional perspective, or more importantly do you want those people to come and live and add value to the economy."

 It's a cycle, bringing new businesses improves the economy and the quality of life, which helps to draw more companies to the Magic City.  What's good for business is good for Minot.

 The third and final day of the Oil Expo begins tomorrow morning at 9:30, and Chavez will give another presentation on the Boom in Minot tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.



08/10/2016 2:37am

Oil impacts and the communities are really an amazing thing for all the people because in this way the people can enjoy their life. I am very confident that the people can make their life good and great.

12/07/2016 5:29am

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