The U.S. is producing 14 percent more of its own energy than it did in 2005 due to the increase in oil and natural gas production, according to data from the Energy Information Agency.

The rapid increase in crude oil and natural gas output can be attributed to the the extraction of the commodities from shale formations.

Thanks to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and the ability to drill horizontally, oil and gas production has rocketed. Fracking is a drilling technique that blasts millions of gallons of water and chemicals to fracture rock formations deep beneath the surface and release petroleum. The drilling technique has been heavily criticized, and some environmentalists contend fracking contaminates groundwater.

With current levels of production the U.S. is on track to produce even more energy this year, according to Pew Research Center.

In 2011 natural gas replaced coal as the nations biggest source of domestic energy produced. Domestic crude production increased from 5 million barrels a day to 7.3 million barrels a day. However, as much as the U.S. is trying to stay clear of coal as a source for energy it still accounted for 39 percent of U.S. electricity generation in the first seven months of this year, up 36 percent from the cmoparable period last year, according to EIA’s Electric Power Monthly report.



06/08/2015 9:54pm

Energy resources plays important part in world policy. Governments will never refuse from money or additional power that's why they can manipulate people's thoughts making some mass media censor. But we should read more and make own conclusion on this or that case that can prevent us from manipulation.

11/05/2017 7:36pm

Big thanks to fracking for it has paved way for US to produce more oil that is badly needed by the world market nowadays. This is definitely a good news because this isn't just about the benefits US can get, it's also a blessing for the rest of the world if we are going to analyze it. I am hoping that hydraulic fracturing will be utilized properly. Let's not abuse this blessing so that it will kkeep on pouring to us. At the same time, we have to acknowledge the help of modern technology!

02/17/2016 11:02am

Hydropower is one of the oldest power sources on the planet, generating power when flowing water spins a wheel or turbine. It was used by farmers as far back as ancient Greece for mechanical tasks like grinding grain. Hydropower is also a renewable energy source and produces no air pollution or toxic byproducts.See more at


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